Welcome to my little space on the interwebs, friends. Life can be lonely and hard. Praying you will take me along with you on this crazy ride and let me encourage you through the mess.


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June 27, 2022

This is me.

If you are new here, welcome friends! My name is Tarah, please don’t forget the H.😉 Many years ago (over 15) I started a blog called, Tarah’s Journey in which I shared about life. That blog was pirated, (more on that another day), and this is my new space for my writing to live. This time though, I plan to back up my work.

I love words and stories and hail from the great state of Texas. I also consider Georgia my home as I lived there many years and spent most of my childhood summers in Macon.🍑

It has taken me many years to speak this with confidence, but I am a writer and an over-sharer. I have been writing since I was young. To me writing helps life make sense. I read a quote once from Stephen King’s memoir, “On Writing”, that said, “Life isn’t a support-system for art. It’s the other way around.” I feel this to the core. My writing isn’t one of scholarly levels, but I am a constant work in progress, and I am thankful to have you along for the ride. 😊

My heart is to always point people to Jesus. I make mistakes, often, but I am always seeking to love others well. As someone who didn’t grow up as a Christian, the desire for a deeper relationship with my maker has been one that has shaped me tremendously as an adult. I feel unqualified when it comes to theology and the Bible, but I know without a doubt that I am a better me with Him by my side. The peace I get through Jesus is why I keep going back to His word day after day. This world is crazy friends, and I am thankful His words that always seem to bring me back home.

In my 41 years, there have been many hard moments in my life that have shaped me. Lots of them surrounding grief. With each loss, I have felt a stronger sense of appreciation for each day I have been given and see it as a gift.

Learning is fun! As an adult, I am realizing how much I love to learn. I wish I felt this motivated as a child or in college, but thankful to be in a place where I am now aware. I geek out on personal development. You can usually find me listening to a podcast or reading a book. My podcast listening include anything from sermons, marriage, parenting, organization (which I am terrible at), leadership/personal development or the enneagram. Find me on Goodreads for my random list of reads everywhere from all sorts of fiction, non- fiction, historical fiction and more.

✈️Travel I something that sets my soul on fire. Seeing new places and meeting new people inspire and encourage me. I love knowing that there is a big world out there to discover and pray that I can continue to visit new places. The furthest I have traveled thus far is Africa and it changed us. We have never been the same and can’t wait to go back to Rwanda.

My family, fitness, my heart for women and my love of animals will also make their way into my writing. My happy place is with my toes in the sand, with a book by the body of water or on a patio with a beverage. 🥂

My heart, my passion is to bring love, encouragement, and hope to others. This world and our lives are hard. They are filled with so much uncertainty and I want to be the one cheering you on!

Encouraging you to keep going, find the light and to make an impact, big and small during our short time on this planet.

Now that I’ve spilled all my secrets, I would love to know a fun fact about YOU! ❤️

Want one from me? I have never had a speeding ticket. 25 years!

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