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November 6, 2023

That time I was brave at a writing conference.

In 2022 I took a big leap of faith and attended my first writing conference. Becoming a writer has been something that I have slowly worked at for years. From the early days in 2010 as an infertility blogger, to starting a women’s ministry for a short time, the written and spoken word has always been something that lights a fire within me. While at that conference in the beautiful mountains of South Carolina, I did brave things like introducing myself to writers and speakers. One of the precious souls I met was Becky Beresford. I will forever be sad we didn’t get a photo together. A beautiful and passionate woman, one of her missions is to share powerful stories of brave faith. Watching her up on the stage sharing her story and her mission was so encouraging and I couldn’t wait to get to know her.

Wanted to also include one of my favorite pictures from the event of one of my writing mentors, Emily Freeman. Still fan-girling as I look at this picture today. Her content and constant light have carried me forward this past year and I will always be thankful for this photo to mark this moment in time with my craft. This woman is a gift and I will forever be thankful that my path crossed hers by reading her amazing sister’s book, Cozy Minimalist Home. Myquillin Smith is an author who has helped me in so many ways around my home and my brain. I highly recommend anything she writes. Pre-orders are out now for her new book!

Almost a year later I was published in my new friend, Becky’s Brave Women series. A lot of consistent work was done between then and now. It is exciting, yet terrifying at the same time to have my words out in the world. This story tells a little about my life as a caretaker for my mother with early onset Alzheimer’s and also as a young mom of 3. As someone who identifies as a writer you would think this wouldn’t be scary, yet it still is. Learning as I age that doing the things that make me uncomfortable moves me forward. Even if it is slower than I had anticipated.

I would love for you to read my full piece in the Brave Series by clicking the link below.


I share this story as an encouragement to you, my friend. Whatever it is that your heart is desiring, keep going. Take the small steps forward towards your dream. You may never get exactly where you want to be, but you won’t ever have the regret of not trying. Maybe.. just maybe you will go further than you ever anticipated? I believe in you!

Have a wonderful week.

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